Our kitchen is Mediterranean oriented, a compination of the veggie side of the greek food culture and some ethnic plates that stole our hearts

We use the freshier and as local as possible ingredients, the origin is written in the menu. Part of the veggies we serve come from our organic garden, small part yet makes us proud. We believe that the food has to be consumed as close as possible to the place is being produced. It's important for our health and the sustainability of the planet.

tranquilo mexican oversized salad santorini vegan-pasta-beans
veggie-burger grilled-cheese-tranquilo
spinach-sesami-tranquilo dakos-tranquilo

Healthy food needs a relaxed and positive environment.

There are all kind of sitting options, from a hammock to a bar stool. We encourage "slow food" and makes us really happy when our guests take their time and enjoy the vibe. We cook with love and serve with a smile!

santorini relax vegan meal
tranquilo santorini outer
tranquilo santorini outer
tranquilo vegan green beans