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Tranquilo was born on May 1st, 2011 and it's a result of an over 20 year world-traveling. Our passion for life, our love for the planet and the respect for the people, all imprinted to the values and travel experiences, are obvious on the character and philosophy of the place. Now Tranquilo project includes bar, restaurant, a guesthouse, the organic veggie garden, the beach, common areas, yoga spot, a small gym and loads of hammocks... We believe that travelling is not just about taking photos, but also satisfy all senses. If you want to explore the real character of the island, you have to find the right place and meet the right people. In Tranquilo we are ready to unveil you all the secrets of Santorini and inspire you to uncover its real character.

Santorini is one of the most beautiful and unique islands on the planet, offers breathtaking views,erotic atmosphere, sweat weather and strong cultural and food experiences. Our village, Perissa, lies on the south east corner of the island, right on the wide and long, black beach. It's close to Santorini's main attractions and at the same time distanced from the mass tourism buzz.

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We started just as a vegetarian restaurant and we grew up.

Here you can also feel positively lazy and spent all day without the need to put your shoes on . Chilling on the beach, reading on a hammoch, practising yoga, wander on our garden, socializing at the bar, tasting healthy and fresh food, sipping ultra fresh juices or coctails on the beach, exchanging stories by the bonfire, jamming with musicians, watching the sun or the moon rise right in front of the beach.